Everything You Need to Know

Zone Group will be discussing the different types of lifting machines. These include Vacuum Lifters, Terrain EWP’s and Specialised Lifting Machines. If you are a construction company or a heavy-duty equipment operator, then you may need to use these types of products. They can help make your job easier and more efficient by reducing the strain on your body while still being able to do all of your work! Let’s take a closer look at what they are and how they can improve your work life!

The first thing that we need to talk about is the vacuum lifter. These types of machines use a suction cup for lifting and carrying loads on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or chutes. The best part about these products are that they require no installation in which you can simply attach them onto your flatbed truck or hydraulic arm when needed! They come in many different sizes too so you won’t have any issues finding one that will meet your needs perfectly!

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Another type of machine could be called an ‘Up-Side Down Crane’ because this product works by positioning itself underneath the load instead of above it. This makes it much easier to pick up heavy objects with less strain on yourself while still being able to lift items safely without worrying about dropping anything! These heavy duty lifting machines are ideal for construction companies that need to lift and carry large objects! The best part about them is their cost because they can be very expensive but the price of these specialised products will depend on your company size, budget and needs.

Lastly, we have Specialised Lifting Machines which include many different types such as; Four Post/Two Post Gantry Cranes, Crawler Crane Systems (Track Layers), Mobile Bridge Cranes & Tower Cranes. All of these work by moving around objects instead of keeping them stationary like fixed bridge cranes do. If you would like more information regarding any one type then feel free to visit our website.